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Ep. 6 - Forging Your Own Path

First off, sorry not sorry, but I had such a hard time articulating what I wanted to ask during this interview because there was so much I wanted to ask. lol

This was such a fun interview to do. Jessica is very honest and open about her journey and how she landed where she is now.

Jessica has walked the path of awakening and know what it takes to go from a life of pain, insecurity, and powerlessness to a life of authenticity, purpose, and joy.

She has spent a lot of years afraid to be herself. At the root of that fear was a deep, old, and subconscious belief that something was really wrong with her. Because she could not love herselof from within, she looked for love and acceptance externally. She became a lawyer because she thought it was a respectable and safe career, while allowing herself, to barely scratch her true calling to help people with their lives. She was desperate to find “The One.” She thought she would finally feel OK, safe, and loved if she could only meet her soulmate. That mindset strained her relationships and resulted in a lot of heartbreak.

Five years into her legal career, she hit rock bottom. At the time, she was deeply in love with the person she thought she was going to marry. When the relationship ended abruptly, she felt a crack inside her that first broke her apart but eventually transformed her.

Through that process, she learned that we are all capable of waking up, healing, and creating an authentic life that fulfills our heart’s desires.

You can find more information about Jessica on her website: Website:

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