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Hair Bake

You know it‘s not good to wash your hair everyday, and we all know the lazy girl wash may include that drugstore dry shampoo, which has some questionable ingredients. So we created Hairbake. A dry shampoo that has ingredients you can pronounce, even understand. Also, it can be left in your hair for about 15 mins, so you can carry about your day until you are ready to style your hair. Hairbake can be stored for up to six months, in a cool dry place. All ingredients are organic and we do not use any toxic ingredients to preserve hairbake for a long period of time.


I promise this won’t take long, so let’s dive into your instructions.

First pour yourself a drink. Notice how I didn’t specify? That’s because BeatNik Beauty doesn’t judge. Second step - part your hair, we don’t have time to argue about middle or side parts, so choose one. Grab that sexy little black container or that sexy little sample and a kabuki brush - shake/dab some powder onto your part.


Ok, now flip some of your hair over to another part and shake there. Continue this until you’ve covered the top of your head from front to crown. Now pull it up or keep it down, but let it bake.


Pour yourself another drink and work on your make up, fold those clothes that have been sitting in the same laundry basket since last week, or sit down in silence, while everyone thinks “you’re getting ready’." 

Either, way, you have about 15 mins of free time while your hair bakes.


Ding! Your 15 mins is up. Need another drink? You can have a few more minutes...I’ll wait.

Ok, let’s get back into it. Next, I want you to grab a hair dryer and brush. Work the brush though your hair like you were giving yourself a blow out like you would before, when you had time to give yourself a blowout. Except this time, it’s a quarter of the time. If blow drying is too much work, work your fingers into your scalp, until satisfied.


That is it! You should be ready to go take on the day! Even if you are just moving from the bathroom to your home office. Either way you got this!


Also, I know you’re busy, don't forget to leave a review, a girl’s gotta eat.

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