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Battling Your Tiny Mean Girl

Megan helps women create stand out photography and visuals that stop the scroll and gain engagement..ultimately bringing their ideal client closer to the conversion!

Megan mentors her clients into stronger mindsets, routines, processes, voices, messaging and coach on planning for the BIGGER PICTURE of growth with an emphasis on finding yourself with time freedom (yes you can have both!)

She is also a speaker and podcaster (Taking Flight with Megan Holly), working to bring more self awareness, self love, and more confidence to all in my communities.

Ultimately at the end of the day all of her work leads to her passion to majorly empower women to step into their power, create a life (and business) they love, and own themselves!

Lastly, she has been featured in various magazines, collectives, and websites for her branding and empowerment work, which she is humbled by because she found it so important to inspire others to live boldly.

As a creative, family orientated woman, she is passionate about helping everyone find the balance, confidence, and development they deserve.
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