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Episode 9 - Moving On After a Divorce with Lucinda

I had such a great conversation with Coach and Pyschotherapist, Lucinda Testo. She helps women and moms fast track their healing, define their new identity and create a life they love AFTER divorce. Having been divorced herself and having worked with countless divorced women in her therapy private practice, Lucinda understands the tornado of emotions associated with divorce. She empowers women to design their new life by teaching them her MOVE ON™ Method, which brings women on a transformative journey through their post-divorce rebuild.

In this episode we touch on the following:

-Why women stay in unhappy or unhealthy marriages

-The most common things women worry about moving forward with divorce

-What women struggle with most in their post-divorce rebuild

-Some strategies to help them start moving the f*ck on after divorce

Tune in tomorrow for this episode!

Where to find more information about Lucinda:

Lucinda's Free Guide is "Six Things You Can Do TODAY To Start Healing From Your Divorce"

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