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Moving Through the Seasons of Life

Sorry Not Sorry - My audio is a little off due to microphone malfunction...


Trigger Warning: Pregnancy Loss

Alexis is the face behind Beauty Within the Hills, a not so typical blog. In her tiny corner of the internet she shares the love for traveling, finding the beauty within the journey (or hill) of life, and reminding others to cherish the unique lifestyle they have been blessed with regardless if they’re in a valley or on the top of a mountain. 


In this Episode we talk about:

  • She lived in our travel trailer for 4 years (living in 6 different campgrounds) 

  • She's now on the rental side of trailer life and enjoy sharing our home on wheels 

  • She's a retired social media expert

  • How she survived having 3 cats and a dog in our trailer 

  • She's a momma to a little man and have overcome 2 back to back miscarriages. 

  • Mother Nature Advocate

Book mentioned in the Episode: It's OK to Not be Ok


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