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S3 EP1 - Strong As A Mother with Liz Graveline

This week's episode is a great start to the New Year.The conversation revolved around the overwhelming abundance of conflicting online advice regarding workout routines. How consistent stretching routines are pivotal in enhancing flexibility and preventing injuries, underscoring the vital role habits play in fostering long-term fitness and well-being. Tune in today to l listen to the full episode!

Liz Graveline embodies a multifaceted persona: a skilled physical therapist, a devoted mother of two young children, and an individual who intimately understands the journey of rebuilding fitness after experiencing significant changes in life. Her expertise in addressing joint issues stems from dedicated years in her 20s, refining techniques to alleviate pain, stiffness, and weakness. Transitioning into her 30s, navigating the challenges of motherhood, and having to reconstruct her own fitness level, Liz Graveline's experiences have uniquely equipped her to empathize with both seasoned fitness enthusiasts and those new to exercise. Her podcast, "Exercise Proper," serves as a haven for individuals seeking achievable steps and effective strategies without the burden of judgment or societal pressures. Liz's primary goal is to reintroduce the joy and enthusiasm inherent in leading an active lifestyle. For her, the essence lies in how physical activity makes you feel rather than conforming to societal standards of appearance—a purpose she passionately embraces in her life's work.

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